2012 Binding and Loosing From Heaven to Earth (The Freedom Series)

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It seems to me that the lack of a College makes this more difficult. Rudolf Steiner characterized the work of these beings in The College Imagination. There he described how each of us works with our Angel, who gives us strength. This work does not depend on a College. The work that we do with our Angels is taken up by the Archangels, who work together to create a chalice of courage. I believe that even without a College, the Archangels will perform this work, but it may be harder for the group to experience it and to feel unified by it.

The College Imagination describes how the Archai allow a drop of light to fill the chalice formed by the movements of the Archangels. This light serves as a beacon for the group, giving it the wisdom to take up its tasks. If there is no College, I can imagine that this light will not be experienced as fully. Whether a school founds its College early on or later in its biography, its members must take up the challenge of working together productively with one another and with spiritual beings. Only by meeting this challenge can the College fulfill its task to serve as a bridge and a balance between the worlds of matter and spirit.

The Challenge of Working Together One of the major goals of Waldorf education is to help students become individuals in the context of a group. The College tries to exemplify this dynamic; its members try to work in a way that allows the capacities of each individual to serve the group, which in turn recognizes and utilizes those capacities.

A verse by Rudolf Steiner points to the balance that must be achieved in order for an individual to work as a member of a group. The healthy social life is found When, in the mirror of each human soul, The whole community finds its reflection And when, in the community, The virtue of each one is living. Out of that recognition comes the possibility for delegation and for shared responsibility.

When Rudolf Steiner spoke about a republican form of administration, he was identifying a way of working together that allowed each person to be fully responsible for his own work and for the group to share the responsibility for the work as a whole. Any group trying to work together faces many challenges, some in the earthly realm and some in the spiritual. While the earthly challenges are unique to each school, all schools face similar spiritual challenges because they are the result of the work of two beings who take special interest in human beings.

According to Rudolf Steiner, Lucifer and Ahriman are spiritual beings who play a special role in human affairs. They are especially attracted to a group such as a College in a Waldorf school, since it is working for the further development of human beings and society. It is easy to think of Lucifer and Ahriman as being merely adversarial forces or the embodiment of evil, but both of these beings are necessary for our full development. Ahriman is deeply connected to physical, material existence. His influence can be found wherever earthly matters are most important. The realms of science and technology, government and economics, industry and the military have developed in accordance with Ahrimanic forms of thinking and working.

Ahrimanic thinking is clear and logical; work inspired by Ahriman is realistic and pragmatic; goals can justify means. In groups, Ahriman expresses himself through the principle of power, and groups that are inspired by Ahriman have a strictly hierarchical organization. If Ahriman were to succeed, we would remain purely physical beings tied to the earth and governed by our passions and needs. When we consider practical matters in the College, Ahriman draws near. He can help us solve problems, but we must make sure that the solution is consistent with our values. He can help us streamline our operations, but we must make sure that our processes and procedures remain human.

Ahriman can help us be more realistic, pragmatic, and decisive, which is necessary if the College is to work effectively, but we must be careful to keep his help in perspective and not depend on him too much.

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Lucifer is connected to the world of the spirit. His influence can be found wherever ideas and ideals govern with little regard for the practicalities of life. His influence can be found in culture, in religion, in the arts, and in all forms of self-expression.

What Binding & Loosing Means

Lucifer inspires creativity in thinking and working. In groups, he works through the principles of individual autonomy, personal initiative, and freedom from constraints. If Lucifer were to succeed, human beings would be drawn away from the earth to lead a purely spiritual existence as moral automatons.

When we consider spiritual matters in the College, Lucifer draws near. He can help us humanize our operations, but we must make sure that our processes and procedures are not derailed by personal consideration. Lucifer can help us be receptive and responsive—which is necessary if the College is to work with sensitivity—but we must be careful to keep his help in perspective and not to depend on him too much.


As members of the College we need to find our place between Lucifer and Ahriman, where we can strive to be true to ourselves, to each other, and to the highest intentions of the spiritual worlds. According to Rudolf Steiner, the being who holds Lucifer and Ahriman in a dynamic balance is the Christ. The statue depicts the Christ, the Representative of Humanity, reaching upward with one hand, holding Lucifer at bay and reaching downward with the other hand, keeping Ahriman in his place. The statue of the Representative of Humanity provides a picture of the balance that we must strive to achieve: holding Lucifer and Ahriman in a dynamic balance, a balance in which each of these beings can share his gifts but also be held in check so that his excesses do not harm us.

If we become true co-workers of the Christ, He will help us to achieve this balance in ourselves and in our work. A Waldorf school is more than an earthly institution; it also has a spiritual mission. In order for the Waldorf school to fulfill its mission, it needs to recognize the spiritual realities that stand behind it and provide a way for the spiritual beings who are trying to help humanity to participate in earthly matters. A College serves as a conduit to and from the spiritual world. Without this living link to the spiritual world, a Waldorf school will find it difficult to perceive and express the will of spiritual beings.

"If you can read this sentence, I can prove God exists"

Rudolf Steiner described the work of the Waldorf teachers with the spiritual hierarchies most directly in The College Founding, but in various other lectures he also dealt with this topic. It is useful to examine some of these indications because they shed light on our work as a College. In this lecture he spoke about the need for community building, and he described how spiritual beings act through communities of people who are working together towards an ideal.

Union—community—means that a higher being presses itself through the unified members. It is a universal harmoniously together in common, are more than one plus one plus one plus one plus one. It can happen only if each of us lives selflessly in the others. Thus human communities are mystery places where higher spiritual beings descend to act through the individual human beings just as the soul expresses itself in the members of the body.

One cannot see the spirits who live in communities but they are there. They are there because of the sisterly, brotherly love ofthe personalities working in these communities. As the body has a soul, so a guild or community also has a soul, and I repeat, it is not spoken allegorically but must be taken as a full reality. Those who work together in mutual help are magicians because they pull in higher beings.

One does not call upon the machinations of spiritism if one works together in a community in sisterly, brotherly love.

Higher beings manifest themselves there. If we give up ourselves to mutual help, through this giving up to the community a powerful strengthening of our organs takes place. If we then speak or act as a member of such a community, there speaks or acts in us not the singular soul only but the spirit of the community.

This is the secret of progress for the future of mankind: to work out of communities. In Lectures 6 and 9 he describes how communities can attract and engage spiritual beings, a process that is integral to the work of the College. The Reverse Ritual If the College is to be a true spiritual community bound by spiritual idealism, its members need to work in a way that attracts spiritual beings to participate in its tasks. In Awakening to Community , Rudolf Steiner describes how this can be done. Community life is based on different types of common experience.

The broadest foundation for community is language, which creates a connection among all who share a mother tongue. The second foundation for community is provided by our shared childhood experience and our memories of them.


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They create a sense of connection among those who have shared their early lives. The third foundation for community is common participation in rituals. When we participate in a ritual together, we feel a connection with those who are participating with us because we have common cosmic memories of the experiences from our time before birth.

The reverse ritual can occur only when we truly awaken to the soul and spiritual nature of our fellow man. According to Rudolf Steiner, when we begin to awaken to one another in this way, we are able to enter the supersensible realm together. This attracts the interest of spiritual beings.

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When we seek to realize our anthroposophical ideals, a spiritual being is attracted to our work. While a ritual brings the supersensible down into the physical world through words and actions, the reverse ritual raises earthly deeds into the supersensible realm. Rudolf Steiner described it pictorially as follows: The community of the cultus seeks to draw the Angels of heaven down to the place where the cultus is being celebrated, so that they may be present in the congregation, whereas the anthroposophical community seeks to lift human souls into supersensible realms so that they may enter the company of Angels.

If anthroposophy is to serve man as a real means of entering the spiritual world,.. Just as true rituals bring the life of the spirit into the realm of earth, the reverse ritual brings the life of the earth into the realm of spirit. This means that College members need to learn to see one another in a new light and to relate to one another in new ways. This requires dedication and persistence because we are so used to relationships based on our everyday selves.

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If we begin to awaken to each other, we will find new levels of connection that will allow us to work together not only on earth but in spiritual realms as well. The reverse ritual is at the crux of College work. When a meeting achieves the reverse ritual, spiritual beings receive an offering of spiritualized earthly substance that is akin to the blessing that we receive when we partake of a sacrament.

When the reverse ritual occurs, the will of the spiritual world may be perceived by the listening heart. What is finally voiced aloud by one or another member of the group goes far beyond the sum of the individual opinions or perspectives that have been expressed.

In those moments, one feels humbled by the recognition that one is participating in something rare and holy: the transmutation of earthly thoughts, words, and deeds into spiritual substance. The College Imagination In order for the reverse ritual to be fruitful for our work as a College, we also have to cultivate the ability to perceive what the spiritual beings are trying to communicate so that we can hearken to the will of the spiritual worlds.

By the expressions, therefore, of binding and loosing, are comprehended all those things which Peter performed in virtue of the name of Jesus Christ, and through faith in that name, by his apostolic authority, by teaching, convincing, exhorting, forbidding, permitting see Tertullian, already quoted , consoling, remitting see Matthew ; Matthew ; John ; by healing, as in Acts ; Acts ; by raising from the dead, as in Acts cf. Acts ; by punishing, ibid. Matthew ; cf. It is advisable to compare with this passage that in Matthew , and with both of them the third in John In this passage, to Peter alone, after uttering his confession concerning Jesus Christ, the authority is promised, first of binding, and secondly of loosing sins, and whatsoever is included under that authority; and this is done as it were enigmatically, it not being expressed what things were to be bound and loosed, because the disciples were not yet capable of understanding so wonderful a matter; see Luke In John 20, after His resurrection, our Lord having breathed upon His disciples, gives them the authority, firstly of remitting, and secondly of retaining sins; for thus are the words and their order changed after the opening of the gate of salvation.

The greatest part of the apostolic authority regards sins cf. Hosea The remaining particulars are contained in this discourse by synecdoche. D bc Vulg.