A Story About a Girl Named Jill, Her Brother Brad,Their Dog Spark, & Their Mom and Dad

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Whilst unloading a ship in London workers discover a weak stowaway suffering from lack of food and water. Tue 26 Nov 19 The Black Rose Director: Henry Hathaway. An exiled English nobleman travels to Asia in search of riches and stumbles into romance. Tue 26 Nov 19 Secrets of the Sahara Short film with images of wartime accompanied by patriotic and inspirational prose and poetry read by Laurence Olivier, Second World War.

Directed by Humphrey Jennings. Directed by Roy Ward Baker. A comic propaganda short, scripted by Sidney Gilliatt, explaining the importance of blackout procedures with Sydney Howard, Irene Handl and Muriel George.

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Second World War. Robin tires of having to ask for permission before buying essential items Tue 26 Nov 19 Nowhere To Go Directors: Seth Holt, Basil Dearden. Paul Gregory is released from jail following a stretch for robbing a woman who falls for his charms.

Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey. What appears to be a cut-and-dried case of murder of a showgirl becomes very complicated. Two criminals make a murderous escape from prison with a carefully executed plan.

My Best Friend's Dog Attacked Me!

Director: Cliff Owen. A gangster learns of a traitor in his midst and makes a deal with the police Tue 26 Nov 19 The Reckoning Directed by Jack Gold. A Merton Park Studios Production. A young artist is almost driven to murder from the pressures of living in the Glasgow slum area. A serial killer is at large in the British countryside. Tue 26 Nov 19 Men Against the Sun An engineer undertakes to oversee the building of a railway from Mombasa to Uganda. A Kenya- Britain coproduction, the first in fact.

Brad Garrett Engaged to Girlfriend Isabella Quella | Entertainment Tonight

Starring Jon Pertwee and Sid James. Director: David Macdonald.

The Egyptian narcotics bureau unit investigate the murder of a rich colonel. Wed 27 Nov 19 Daybreak Directed by Compton Bennett. Tragedy strikes when a hangman's assistant gets into a fight after he tries to seduce his boss's wife. Tatiana, the Czar's Daughter. An American reporter relates how the Czar's daughter is sought by soviet agents.


Wed 27 Nov 19 A Work's Group Day Out in the 50s Glimpses: s amateur footage of a mining engineering company having a work's day out in Worcester. Wed 27 Nov 19 It's a Wonderful World Two struggling composers hit on a novel way of producing music backwards! Directed by Pat Jackson. Wed 27 Nov 19 Secrets of the Sahara Features Bill Whyman Rolling Stones.

Wed 27 Nov 19 Trouble Brewing Director: Anthony Kimmins. George has won a lot of money at the races, but he's paid with counterfeit money. Albert returns to his old job when the wheels fall off his own business Wed 27 Nov 19 Wonderful Life Director: Sidney J. Director: John Eldridge. With visual grace, and wit, the film entwines a coalman's working day with students' revels by night, the proceedings of a court with the rituals of a courtship Wed 27 Nov 19 Rumpole of the Bailey Rumpole and the Alternative Society.

Rumpole is content to be defending a drugs case. However, the outcome is not pleasing.

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Director: Ralph Thomas. A British MP faces the choice of his career or the woman he loves. Director: John Gilling. An Ancient Egyptian curse settles upon the doomed members of an archaeological expedition. Wed 27 Nov 19 Hangman's Wharf Directed by Cecil H. A doctor is framed for murder. Musical Comedy. Directed by Gerald Thomas. A Cockney lad who looks just like a local duke is sent in the duke's place to woo a rich princess. An upper-crust Boston sleuth uses the very latest in scientific gadgetry when investigating a big-time gangster. Scotland Yard calls in novelist and amateur detective Paul Temple to help track down a gang of diamond robbers.

Directed by Anthony Kimmins. A private in the Guards is forced to leave his girlfriend in the empty house of a civil servant. Directed by John Gilling. John Desmond, Larry Parks meets a mysterious woman Lisa Daniely who turns out to be part of a counterfeit ring and Desmond is caught up in the whole affair. Two Against the Kremlin. An American correspondent with a Russian wife and children faces increased hostility in Moscow.

Directed By Michael Law. A Road Safety film on the dangers of playing in the roads of London in Directed by Roy Boulting.

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A British politician's liberal views become more conservative with his steady rise to power Thu 28 Nov 19 Rooms Midgley P1. Two part weekly dramas concerning the various drifters who rent rooms in a lodging house.

senjouin-kikishiro.com/images/bozisana/356.php Thu 28 Nov 19 Pygmalion Directed by Anthony Asquith. Higgins, an expert in the study of phonetics, bets that he can turn Eliza, a 'worthless guttersnipe', into a duchess. Directed by Robert Tronson. Charles Valentine discovers that he is being followed by a secret agent from Scotland Yard. Vicky persuades Robin to talk to Albert about popping the big question. Thu 28 Nov 19 Indiscretion of an American Wife Directed by Vittorio De Sica. A married woman gets into an affair in Rome and is torn between her old life and new romance.

Thu 28 Nov 19 Eyewitness Lucy becomes the eyewitness to a robbery at a cinema shortly before being hospitalised.

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Stars Herbert Lom. A woman rescued from a suicide bid on the London Underground, finds herself in a psychiatric clinic. Director: Hugo Fregonese. Director: J Lee Thompson. A condemned murderess relives key events while waiting for the hangman's noose. A Wing Commander Brian Rix is on a mission to find out about the flying bomb. Directed by Robert Day.

Dodger Lane intends to break out of prison, steal a fortune in diamonds, and break back into prison. Thu 28 Nov 19 Fools Rush In Director: Victor H. A ship with a cargo full of diamonds gets taken over by pirates. Fri 29 Nov 19 Action Stations Williamson and starring Paul Carpenter and Mary Martin.

A forger flees to Spain but his daughter is kidnapped by a gang. Pym of Scotland Yard Detective Drama. Directed by Fred Elles.

A woman detective sets about solving the murder of people who have all frequented the same medium. Director: Maurice Elvey. Three bookies attempt to recoup their losses by attempting to rig a horse race.