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The university used the total form numbers for admission purposes and the formation of financial aid packages without removing the athletics component. As a result, the university considered athletics components when determining financial aid packages for student-athletes who used the alternative application process. The university failed to monitor the composition of financial aid package when it used the athletics components from the admissions ratings and to determine the packages. Additionally, Denison did not educate its admissions and financial aid personal.

While athletics personnel at Denison received rules education and knew that using the form to determine financial aid was against NCAA rules, non-athletics personnel did not receive the same education. Skip to main content. The penalties include: Public reprimand and censure. Two years of probation from June 19, through June 18, Lewandowski walked; Frey advanced to second; Zak advanced to third. Colgain to p for Carter. Marko lined out to rf. Keen lined out to ss.

Denison University 7th - Winemiller to p for Boshinski. Baskin struck out looking. Nicholson walked.

Apfelbach reached on a fielder's choice; E. Nicholson out at second 3b to 2b. Apfelbach stole second. Mahle walked. Mulligan reached on a fielder's choice; Mahle out at second 2b unassisted. Case Western Reserve 7th - Pakan grounded out to 3b. Alexander flied out to lf. Ossola struck out swinging. Denison University 8th - Potter to p for Winemiller. Clemmenson doubled down the lf line. Vaske out at first p to 2b, SAC, bunt; Clemmenson advanced to third. Vega to p for Potter. Duxbury struck out looking. Rice pinch hit for Kraus.

Denison head coach tossed for arguing balls and strikes in top of eighth. Rice walked. Baskin advanced to third on a balk. Nicholson stole second. Apfelbach grounded out to ss. Case Western Reserve 8th - Rice to lf.

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Gronski doubled down the rf line. Zak lined out to 3b. Frey flied out to rf. Cain pinch hit for Lewandowski. Dague pinch ran for Gronski. Cain singled through the right side, RBI; Dague scored. Vaske to p for Colgain. Marko walked; Cain advanced to second. Keen reached on a fielder's choice; Marko out at second 2b to ss. Denison University 9th - Dague to rf. Suvak to p for Vega. Mulligan grounded out to p, SAC, bunt; Mahle advanced to second.

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Mahle advanced to third on a wild pitch. Clemmenson grounded out to ss. Vaske flied out to cf. Case Western Reserve 9th - Pakan doubled to left field. Pakan advanced to third on a wild pitch. Alexander singled through the right side, RBI; Pakan scored. Abed pinch ran for Alexander. Ossola singled to shortstop; Abed advanced to second.

Zak intentionally walked. Frey lined into double play cf to c; Abed out on the play. Denison University 10th - Long to lf for Abed. Duxbury hit by pitch. Rice grounded out to p, SAC, bunt; Duxbury advanced to second. Baskin walked.

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Nicholson walked; Baskin advanced to second; Duxbury advanced to third. Apfelbach flied out to lf. Nicholson pinch hit for Mahle. Nicholson grounded out to 2b. Case Western Reserve 10th - T. Nicholson to rf.

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Cain to dh. Cain walked. Marko reached on a fielder's choice; Cain out at second p to ss. Keen fouled out to 1b. Marko advanced to second on a balk. Denison University 11th - Mulligan grounded out to p.

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Clemmenson flied out to cf to right center. Vaske struck out looking. Case Western Reserve 11th - Long struck out swinging. Ossola grounded out to 2b. Dague struck out swinging.

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