Die Geschichten der Fliege Karin 1: Band 1 (German Edition)

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After completing the form you will receive the requested whitepaper by email. After completing the form you will receive the requested study as PDF by email. The internet is redefining the relationship between consumers and companies. Consumers are becoming co-developers and enabling companies to change their perspective. How can you involve your customers in the development process and how can they become ambassadors for your product innovations? Read the paper free of charge. How does the sports industry change through digitalization?

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Which new customer relationships, services and business models emerge? The worldwide first crowd-study focusing on the digitalization of the sports industry provides the answers. Profound insights on the sport industry of tomorrow, generate new technology trends and develop future business models. From idea generation to testing the final products, ISPO Open Innovation enables cooperation with real consumers and experts from other industries.

Tune your product development through crowdsourcing and get inspired by ideas and solutions from unexpected directions. New ideas and consumer insights. Turn consumers into brand ambassadors. Modern market research through direct consumer feedback. Increase brand and product awareness through our ISPO network. Create credibility through our ISPO seal of quality. Receive feedback and ideas on product features way ahead of the market rollout.


In closed projects, consumers and product developers can let their imagination run wild and create disruptive ideas. Case Study Dachstein. ISPO Open Innovation allows you to test your product prototypes with selected focus groups behind closed doors. Receive direct and detailed feedback from qualified testers and benefit from real consumer insights.

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Create powerful word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. Profit from authentic feedback and the social reach of handpicked consumer experts. Case Study X-Bionic. Case Study Bergans. Hiking footwear is what determines whether a tour is successful or not.

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If the shoe is uncomfortable the carefree experience quickly ends. Yet no foot is alike, and each sports enthusiast has different requirements for his or her equipment. This is the reason why Dachstein wants to develop a shoe that is flexible enough to adjust to the variety of requirements each individual user has.

Over international enthusiastic outdoor athletes and consumers developed together with Dachstein the individual hiking shoe within three phases. What are the capabilities expected from a personal hiking shoe?

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During the second phase the top ideas were substantiated and improved. The third phase of the project dealt with marketing options for the shoe. What type of story could be told to promote the hiking shoe?

By involving the community Dachstein received clear and useful suggestions and will be able to integrate these ideas into the ongoing development process for the perfect hiking shoe. The Swedish technology company MIPS wants to increase the awareness for more safety in sports and visualize its special helmet technology. The project has increased awareness for safety gear and generated constructive ideas for the marketing of the MIPS technology. Participants for the product test were recruited according to their favorite activities, their activity level and demographic factors.

Furthermore, the product test delivers outstanding User Generated Content for future marketing activities. Ambitious testers shared their test reports not just within the project platform, but also on their private social media channels and blogs. The fabric test validates the properties of a new technology and how it applies to the garment. Participants for the product testing were recruited according to their favorite activities, their activity level and demographic factors. Upon receiving their personal Eidfjord Jacket, the product testers were asked to test the jacket in different conditions during various outdoor activities and to subsequently rate it in a questionnaire.

The very engaged discussion among the community showed the high degree of interest in the subject of sustainability in outdoor apparel. Consumers expressed a high level of demand for functionality and design, as well as consistent implementation of the sustainability concept.

On the other hand, crowd-sourcing enables the target market to be expanded and through the association of the testers and the products an interesting marketing angle is created.

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And the best way to achieve this is for both sides—manufacturer and consumer—to work closely together. You get the opportunity to see behind the scenes, while expressing not only your wishes, but also your criticisms. Participation is key, and not the question whether or not it will be worthwhile. Download PDF. Ingredient Brands are drivers of innovation and are leading the pack when it comes to new technologies. This is precisely why Open Innovation results in many different and new opportunities. It enabled us to test our latest insulation technology outside the public domain.

As a technology driven enterprise, the inclusion of consumers in the product development process is of utmost importance to us to be able to stay competitive long-term. About Us. About ISPO. More About Us Partners Contact. Exhibitor Directory. Event program. We prepared four wraps for us two and we were fully sated. Due to the fact that there are different kind of yufka leaves available we maybe picked up the wrong type, unwilling to form or to fold. But the taste hits the spot … so yummy. We recommend a green salad as supplement. And yessss … another pie, also easy to prepare.

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Another big shot by Lisa and Lars. Have a look on it in your local book shop.