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We bonded rapidly and utterly. When, in the autumn of , Di Prima moved into a new apartment in Hell's Kitchen on 59th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, Freddy "more or less" moved in. He had left Julliard by then and was dancing full-time, taking two or three classes a day at the American Ballet Theatre School, supporting himself by doing temporary filing jobs at offices in Manhattan.

Di Prima had already started taking "speed" in the form of Dexedrine by that time. Early on it was supplied by the family; my mother's sisters who worked in hospitals brought it home to us, so eager were they for our future achievements.. I can remember to this day the bottle of a thousand little orange triangles in my brother's study, the gift of one of the aunts.

Dexedrine, they said, wasn't a drug, not in that bad sense. It was an aide, an ally: something to help us get even more things done. By , Di Prima had moved back downtown to an apartment on Houston and Avenue B and Herko was living in the apartment above her. In spite of the fact that Freddy's parents were sending him to psychiatrist Maria Rolling to cure him of his homosexuality, Freddy regularly had an assortment of lovers and one night stands.

Diane would usually go up to Freddy's in the morning for a coffee and would often see different men leaving his apartment. Usually he would get rid of the previous night's one night stand before Diane arrived - but on one occasion a stranger from the night before was still sitting at Herko's kitchen table when di Prima arrived in the morning.

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Herko had picked up the stranger at a party at Jean Claude van Itallie's house. He was a struggling actor named Alan Marlowe. Marlowe moved in with Freddy on that same day, leaving Di Prima feeling that "There was no point anymore to our morning coffees, no room for that camaraderie that Freddie and I had nourished each other with for six or seven years Despite her negative reaction to him, Diane would actually marry Alan Marlowe several years later and have his child.

Diane wanted the theatre group to be "one in which John's music, Jimmy's choreography and plays, Freddie's dances, my own and LeRoi's plays, all would have a place. The evening included a play written by di Prima called The Discontent of the Russian Prince in which Herko and Diane were the only performers. She "tromped about the stage with tousled hair and in dumpy pyjamas, and scolded Freddie, who sadly embraced his image in a mirror," then she "pulled blackened wet sheets off and on a clothesline, and sat on the stage with Freddie while we brushed our teeth together, dipping our brushes in a glass of water which slowly turned green.

According to di Prima, part of the problem with the relationship was that Alan wanted to be the passive sexual partner - and so did Freddy. In November , Diane moved to playwright Michael McClure's apartment on East Fourth Street when McClure vacated the premises, leaving Alan, who was still living with Freddy, to take her old apartment to use as an office.

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She felt pressured to move by Marlowe and when she returned to collect her journals from her old apartment, she was horrified to be told by Alan "with some satisfaction" that he'd thrown them out. When she ran out to retrieve them they had already disappeared. She remembers Alan's response: "Wasn't it a shame, Alan said, just that morning he'd seen some local teenager sitting on the stoop, reading a volume of the journals.

And he said it with something like a sneer. Diane di Prima's application for a decrease in rent showing that she moved into the 4th Street property in November He had what di Prima refers to as a breakdown - "completely distraught and given to sobbing loudly at all hours of the night.

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Although she blamed Alan for Freddy's state, when Freddy did finally leave the couch and find his own place, she let Alan stay with her. Freddy also appeared in the second set of plays at the theatre in December in James Waring's Nights at the Tango Palace. Herko played a mute janitor at a dance palace who knew everything that was going on but couldn't tell anyone else.

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  5. The stage managers for the production were Nick Cernovitch and Billy Name. Billy Name would later go on to design the original Factory in and become the "official" Factory photographer as well as appearing in several Warhol films, including Haircut , Couch , Lupe and a Screen Test. Nick was a master of stage lighting, setting and directing and was my 'sugar-daddy' previous to Andy. He was straight from the Black Mountain college group and did the lighting and stage managing for all of the avant garde dance groups including Merce Cunningham, through James Waring. I took over the Waring chores after being trained by Nick.

    I also did a Freddie Herko concert and the Judson dance concerts. Eventually, Alan and Diane became lovers and they were married in California on November 30, Unknown to her, she was carrying Alan's child at the time. Diane and Alan had gone to California to retrieve Alan's car which had been stolen by Tony Cox - a friend of Yoko Ono at the time who later went on to marry her in after her divorce from composer Toshi Ichiyanagi.

    According to di Prima, Cox "allegedly did some drug dealing on the side" DP Alan was friends with Yoko and Diane knew her from hanging out at a health food restaurant on East Seventh Street which later became The Paradox macrobiotic restaurant where Yoko had done some art "happenings". After retrieving the car from the California police, Alan and Diane decided to settle down in California, buying a home in Topanga Canyon. They returned temporarily to New York in December so that Diane's parents could formally meet her new husband.

    They had also promised Diane that they would pay for the down payment on her new home in California and wanted to give her the payment in person. There was all that tension, unspoken stuff between us, of my having in his eyes 'stolen' Alan from him, but there was something else too, and it was definitely something new. After a while he told me that he had upped the ante: he was snorting a lot of speed, and shooting a little. We had, as I've said, all done plenty of dexedrine and dexamyl by then, but crystal methedrine was a whole different story.

    It seemed to 'get' you in a way that the pills didn't.

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    You kept increasing the dosage, for one thing. There were a whole lot of stories already out there about what crystal amphetamines did to your liver, your brain - you name it. And Freddie was really into it. He told me he needed speed to push his body so he could dance the way he wanted to. He felt otherwise he didn't have a chance; he had come to dance too late in life to make it work for him.

    After getting the down payment for their new house from Diane's parents, Diane and Alan went back to California. A month or so later, in mid-February of , a friend of theirs arrived from New York. It was:. When Billy arrived at Di Prima's in , he looked "ashen and gaunt - no doubt the effect of months of speed - and immediately took up residence on the living room couch. Diane and Alan felt it was their "mission" to bring Billy back to health. They had an account with Altadena Dairy which was paid by Diane's mother and they used it to buy food for Billy.

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    After recuperating, he spent much of his time entertaining Diane's two children from previous relationships. Then, in Spring , Freddy Herko showed up "ready for adventure" and "Billy was ready too.

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    Freddy had arrived with a friend named Michael Malce - they had been traveling together in Mexico and were on their way to San Francisco. Diane, her two kids, and Billy Name joined them, leaving Alan behind in Southern California to pursue an unsuccessful acting career.

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    During an Easter party, Freddy and Dee Dee started dancing with each other and "couldn't stop". They ended up hitchhiking back to New York without any of the others. Later, when Kirby eventually made it to New York and found Freddy who by this time had finished with Dee Dee , sleeping on a couch of a friend's apartment, he started messaging Freddy's shoulders. When Freddy woke up and asked what he was doing in New York, Kirby "half-jokingly" replied, "I've come to fuck you and kill you.

    In the summer of he went back to New York with them when they decided to leave California after Alan's acting career flopped. Diane's baby by Alan was due in August. In the mid-August heat they were all in various stages of make-up and bits of jewelry Claes Oldenburg had constructed a huge many-tiered wedding cake for Jack Smith on the edge of the woods, and my part in this particular shoot was to dance vigorously on the lowest tier of said cake, a print skirt tied under my huge belly my baby was due any day now I danced.

    We danced - there were many of us dancing on all levels of this multicolored wedding cake. Andy Warhol was twisting rather tentatively and stiffly behind me, there was some scratchy rhythm and blues on a phonograph egging us on and on We all fell off the cake in any case, feigning various campy approximations of terror.

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    Warhol continued with various film projects, including a series of films that featured the dancer Freddy Herko toward the end of the year The first time was just a short dance thing on a roof The second was a segment for The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys where Freddy sat nervously in a chair for three minutes, smoking a cigarette. And the third was called Rollerskate , and Freddy was the star of it. He put a skate on one foot and we filmed him rolling on it all over town and over in Brooklyn Heights, day and night, gliding in dance attitudes and looking as perfect as the ornament on the hood of a car.

    We filmed glide after glide of him, keeping the camera going. When it came time to take the skate off, his foot was bleeding, but he'd been smiling the whole while and he was still smiling, wearing a WMCA Good Guys sweatshirt. At least one of the locations used for the Rollerskate was the apartment of ex-fashion illustrator Jackson Champlin who lived on Bond Street with his mother and his partner - the artist Dale Joe.