Insolvenzverfahren für souveräne Schuldner - mit Fallbeispiel (German Edition)

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Hij heeft het woord nu niet kunnen voeren; maar hij heeft het woord wel gevoerd bij het begin van de hele kwijtingsoefening enkele maanden geleden in november. Ik wil hem en zijn team, zijn collega's, uitdrukkelijk bedanken, want zonder het werk van de Rekenkamer zouden wij de Europese begroting en de begrotingen van alle deelinstituties niet zo goed in de gaten kunnen houden. Ik denk dat zij ongelooflijk belangrijk werk verrichten, niet alleen in hun jaarlijks verslag, maar ook in de vele deelverslagen, de speciale verslagen, die wij van hen krijgen.

Ik denk dat wij wat dat betreft nog een les moeten trekken. Ik denk dat die speciale verslagen in dit Parlement te weinig aandacht krijgen.

Insolvenzverfahren für souveräne Schuldner - mit Fallbeispiel (German Edition)

Ik denk dat wij die speciale verslagen op een betere manier moeten benutten, dat wij het debat over die speciale verslagen niet alleen in de Commissie begrotingscontrole moeten voeren, maar ook in de vele vakcommissies, bijvoorbeeld ook in de Commissie ontwikkelingssamenwerking als het gaat over ontwikkelingssamenwerking; ook in de Commissie milieu als het gaat over milieu, zodat het werk dat u en uw collega's en al uw medewerkers presteren naar behoren worden gewaardeerd en de Europese burgers ook kunnen zien dat het geld van de Europese belastingbetaler op een goede manier in de gaten wordt gehouden.

Per i risultati dettagliati della votazione: vedasi processo verbale.

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A chi ha rivolto questa richiesta? Bruno Gollnisch NI. De quoi s'agit-il? Il s'agit d'une expression politique, qui est poursuivie par Mi dispiace, procediamo al voto. Arlene McCarthy, rapporteur. With this vote, therefore, we are asking the Commission to urgently come forward with legislative proposals to redress this injustice and to give power back to our citizens, the victims of crime. I tre presidenti si sono oggi riuniti al Parlamento europeo per una sessione straordinaria dell'Assemblea interparlamentare dei parlamentari delle Repubbliche di Lituania, Polonia e Ucraina.

Astrid Lulling, au nom du groupe PPE.

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The reason is to make this regulation consistent with other safeguards that we have approved, such as the South Korea FTA safeguard clause. This is of course irrespective of my personal position in this regard. Daniel Hannan ECR.

The Three Tribes of Austerity

The amounts that have been dedicated by the European Union to these bailouts dwarf the domestic spending of our national governments. When the Greek bailout was originally agreed we were told that it would be enough to deter the speculators, that Greece would now be borrowing competitively in the market and that no more would be needed.

Yet, we now see Greece openly negotiating for a default and for further loans. It is clear that we are not going to see the money again. It is also clear that we are breaking the law. These bailouts are not merely unauthorised under the Treaties, they are expressly prohibited and, worst of all, they are damaging to the recipient countries.

PDF Naja lultima vacanza (Italian Edition)

There is a racket — a Ponzi scheme — whereby governments and banks connive to give money to European bankers and bondholders, while expecting the repayment to come from ordinary European taxpayers. Ireland and Greece are now having to borrow more money to send to Portugal, while at the same time Ireland and Portugal are having to borrow more money to send to Greece. Ashley Fox ECR. Yet, in the European Union, every year the Commission demands more money, and every year the Court of Auditors replies that the money is not being well spent. The Court of Auditors says that the accounts, on which we have just voted, are materially affected by error and that is why I am very pleased that the British Conservatives and our good friends in the European Conservatives have voted against discharge of these accounts.

Syed Kamall ECR. At a time when our government is having to make cuts and reduce the level of public spending, and governments across the EU are having to do exactly the same thing, why is it, first of all, that the EU is asking for more money for its budgets and its financial perspective, and secondly that it cannot spend the money it has efficiently? The accounts have not been signed off for 15 years, and all the time our constituents have been asking us why we are not spending their money better. It is time we put our house in order.

Insolvenz einfach erklärt (explainity® Erklärvideo)

C'est le conformisme. J'ai honte pour ce Parlement, c'est un Parlement minable et un Parlement de minables. EU har leveret mio. Sembra che gli aiuti vengano concessi anche per non rischiare pericolose derive antidemocratiche. Lo scorso anno anche la regione del Veneto era stata colpita da gravissime alluvioni, che avevano messo in ginocchio numerose imprese tessili locali.

Con la firma di questo accordo rischiamo che gli sforzi fatti per ritornare a produrre risultino essere totalmente vani. Ma noi della Lega ci batteremo fino alla fine per conservare e far crescere una preziosa risorsa dei nostri territori. Another three months have passed, and there is still an entirely insufficient response by the EU and the WTO.

I voted in favour of granting Pakistan emergency trade preferences for textile and other products in the EU in order for these trade preferences not simply to be a purely token measure that filled the pockets of the corrupt elites in Pakistan. I call for effective control over the increased income by democratic trade unions to ensure that the money is directed towards rebuilding schools and hospitals in the areas affected by flooding.

A major threat to the collective interests of all workers in Pakistan has been brought to my attention by the Progressive Workers Federation of Pakistan. I oppose the disgraceful attempt and threat by the government to no longer allow trade unions to organise on a national level. Alfredo Antoniozzi PPE. In seguito all'entrata in vigore del Trattato di Lisbona, gli Stati membri hanno mantenuto in vigore numerosi accordi con paesi terzi in materia di investimenti diretti esteri. Se vogliamo evitare che questi accordi interferiscano con le norme previste dal Trattato, non possiamo non adottare le norme e le misure contenute nella relazione del collega Schlyter.

Il progetto va sicuramente in questa direzione e per questo ho espresso voto favorevole. Antonello Antinoro PPE.

Rating von Finanzinstituten

Infatti, con l'entrata in vigore del nuovo Trattato, la competenza sulla protezione degli investimenti passa dagli Stati membri all'Unione. Auspico tuttavia che la Commissione presenti a settembre una relazione che definisca le linee strategiche in materia. In considerazione di quanto sopra detto, ribadisco il mio auspicio che la Commissione definisca in tempi brevi le opportune linee strategiche.

Vi har i dag stemt om at yde 46 mio. Adam Bielan ECR. Lara Comi PPE , per iscritto. Diogo Feio PPE , por escrito. I welcome the increase in the number of cases completed by the Court of Justice judgments and orders compared to and respectively in , take note of the number of preliminary ruling cases being the highest ever and welcome the decrease in the number of cases pending at the end of cases compared to cases at the end of However, I note with concern that the General Court in showed a decrease in the number of cases decided and an increase in the duration of the proceedings and that consequently, although the number of new cases in was lower new cases compared to in , the backlog of pending cases continued to increase from in to in I also welcome the fact that the Civil Service Tribunal closed more cases than ever before cases , and that the average duration of a procedure was Paulo Rangel PPE , por escrito.

Licia Ronzulli PPE , per iscritto. Il Parlamento europeo rileva che, nel corso dell'elaborazione della relazione annuale concernente l'esercizio , la Corte dei conti ha compiuto una valutazione approfondita dei sistemi di supervisione e controllo della Corte di giustizia, del Mediatore europeo e del Garante europeo della protezione dei dati, che ha compreso l'esame di un campione supplementare di operazioni di pagamento relative alle risorse umane e ad altre spese amministrative.

Con il voto odierno, ho supportato la richiesta di concessione del discarico relativo all'esecuzione del bilancio del bilancio generale dell'Unione europea per l'esercizio , Sezione VIII — Mediatore europeo. Si accoglie con favore il fatto che la durata media delle indagini si sia ridotta a 9 mesi rispetto ai 13 mesi del Sottolineo che il Parlamento europeo accoglie con favore il fatto che nel corso dell'elaborazione della relazione annuale sull'esecuzione del bilancio per l'esercizio , la Corte dei Conti abbia svolto una valutazione approfondita dei sistemi di supervisione e controllo presso la Corte di Giustizia.

Les agences sont avant tout utiles In addition, it reminds the agencies of the importance of fully guaranteeing the independence of their staff and experts. It argues, overall, for a more constructive and transparent process. Alcune agenzie hanno, inoltre, mostrato diverse carenze nell'ambito delle procedure di appalto.

The discharge procedure for the financial year revealed that immediate actions are required with regard to transparency and efficiency. For transparency in EU agencies to be improved, all 21 Agencies and the Commission must publish a list of all contracts awarded over the last three years as well as a report of the staff members changing jobs from one agency to another, and they must enact stricter rules regarding conflicts of interest as soon as possible.

Moreover, for the future discharge procedures, the Director of each EU agency should make available to Parliament its report from the Internal Audit Service.

To enhance greater efficiency in the functioning and expenditure of the EU agencies, genuine consideration must be given to the possibility of merging Governing Boards for agencies working in related fields. Furthermore, the Commission should deliver an assessment of the feasibility of merging EU agencies with overlapping activities. I call on the agencies to strengthen their internal controls to make sure that contracts and procurement procedures are correctly applied. I also note the existence of unused budget lines and the high number of transfers in some of the agencies, and I would call on the agencies concerned to step up their efforts to improve financial and budgetary planning and programming.

I voted in favour of this report in order to acknowledge the structural problems that the College has been facing for many years now. Transparency also remains a matter of concern, since irregularities continue to affect staff selection. Likewise, I consider unacceptable the lack of investigation of the former Director in relation to his responsibilities concerning College appropriations that have been used to finance private expenditure. In particolare il Parlamento ritiene preoccupante che la Corte dei Conti abbia rilevato gravi carenze nelle norme amministrative e finanziarie che disciplinano le spese per l'organizzazione di corsi e seminari, che rappresentano una quota significativa delle spese operative dell'Accademia.

Angelika Werthmann NI , schriftlich.