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Scarce a word of them is true! They are not exaggerated, Not at all exaggerated, Could not be exaggerated, Ev'ry word of them is true! Your own little sister! Aye, hug him, girl!

There are three thou mayst hug — Thy father and thy brother and — myself! Or more or less — But rather less than more! Fisher Morgan as Wilfred, c. To thy fond care I do commend thy sister. Be to her An ever-watchful guardian — eagle-eyed!

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And when she feels as sometimes she does feel Disposed to indiscriminate caress, Be thou at hand to take those favours from her! To thy fraternal care Thy sister I commend; From every lurking snare Thy lovely charge defend; And to achieve this end, Oh!

Dr David Sergeant

So grant, I pray, this boon — Oh! I freely grant that boon, And I'll repeat my plight. From morn to afternoon — kiss From afternoon to night — kiss From sev'n o'clock to two — kiss From two to evening meal — kiss From dim twilight to 'lev'n at night, From dim twilight to 'lev'n at night, That compact I will seal. From morn to afternoon, From afternoon to 'lev'n at night He freely grants that boon. The pris'ner comes to meet his doom; The block, the headsman, and the tomb.

The funeral bell begins to toll; May Heav'n have mercy on his soul! May Heav'n have mercy on his soul! Oh, Mercy, thou whose smile has shone So many a captive heart upon; Of all immured within these walls, To-day the very worthiest falls!

My lord! I know not how to tell The news I bear! I and my comrades sought the pris'ner's cell — He is not there! He is not there!

Alle artikelen van C. Sabante

They sought the pris'ner's cell — He is not there! As escort for the prisoner We sought his cell in duty bound; The double gratings open were, No prisoner at all we found!

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The man we sought with anxious care Had vanished into empty air! Astounding news! The pris'ner fled! To Wilfred Thy life shall forfeit be instead! Of his escape no traces lurk, Enchantment must have been at work!

Oh, woe is you? Your anguish sink!

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Macleay Island has two permanent officers stationed on the island. The community should have access to both officers regularly and not be required to wait for other resources from the mainland. However, like all places, if incidents are not reported then it is as though they never occur. Ben Suckling thanked all the emergency services for their support and in particular both Gavin and Kath from the Queensland Ambulance Service for their continued efforts. Please send us your comments.