The Journey To my New Existence Living With HIV

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The 10 best blogs for HIV and AIDS

His blog has received numerous awards, including the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association's "Excellence in Blogging" honor for the years and My Fabulous Disease features snippets from King's life living as a gay man with HIV and who is also recovering from drug addiction , as well as frank opinion, debate, and inspirational writing.

Blog posts include King's switch from smoking to vaping , the time that "Will and Grace" forgot to address HIV again , and advice for those who have recently tested HIV-positive. Visit the My Fabulous Disease blog. Josh Robbins learned in that he was HIV-positive. He created the blog I'm Still Josh to let the world know that while being HIV-positive is part of his life's story, it is not what defines him as a person. Through his blog, Josh hopes to help people who are HIV-positive and -negative to find hope through his experiences.

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He also aspires to help others avoid receiving the same diagnosis as him, and to help people who are HIV-positive to realize that their diagnosis is just the start of entering a new world. Visit the I'm Still Josh blog. His blog began in as a letter to a dying friend and morphed into the record of his thoughts, feelings, activities, and life that it is today.

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Kenn says that although HIV and AIDS are an important part of his journey, he has many other interests and goes off on tangents regularly. The key posts on the blog include an honest autobiographical piece on Kenn and his brother both being gay and their separate, yet entwined, life paths, how the stigma behind HIV and AIDS still cuts to the bone , and the fog of renewing sobriety after 17 years of sober experience. The Body's board of experts provides high-quality information to help improve the quality of life for those living with HIV and AIDS, and its mission is to "foster community through human connection.

The blog includes Brooke's account of becoming a single HIV-positive mother, how to stay on top of your oral health , and how to learn to live with HIV and be O. Visit The Body blog. Positive Peers is a social media app that is designed for young adults, between the ages of 13 and 34, who are living with HIV. Positive Peers was developed with the vision that their users will feel less isolation and stigma and have better health outcomes due to being able to use the app's tools to self-manage their condition.

The blog explores topics that are important to individuals using Positive Peers, such as what people with HIV need to know about hepatitis , the latest advances in HIV treatments and research , and tips for managing HIV if you are homeless. Visit the Positive Peers blog. Justin B. Terry Smith has been living with HIV since He lives in Laurel, MD, with his husband and two sons, who are 18 and 20 years old.

Scotland's introduction of HIV drug PrEP 'puts England to shame'

Latest posts on Justin's HIV Journal include his take on the impact of technology and social media with activism , how to stay healthy during a natural disaster , and seven facts about herpes. The Well Project was initially founded as a response to there being so little information designed for women and girls living with HIV. They focus on education through information, advocacy, and support. Posts include Jennifer's reflection on 16 of her HIV symptoms, the importance of taking care of yourself , and living and coping with HIV. Visit the A Girl Like Me blog. Having concise information helps people to protect themselves, look after others, and challenge discrimination and stigma.

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They are generally painless and not itchy. Any part of the skin can be affected, although KS most commonly appears on the feet and legs. In another person, the lesions may grow more quickly, with new areas appearing weekly. When KS lesions develop inside the body, this can affect the functioning of internal organs and even be life threatening. For example, lesions may develop in the lungs, liver, or digestive tract. Lesions inside the body may cause symptoms.

HIV: Journey to Undetectable

For example, KS in the lungs can cause chest infections, coughing and difficulty breathing. KS in the mouth or throat may make it hard to eat, swallow or speak. When KS affects the lymph nodes and lymph vessels which form part of the immune system , this can lead to swelling in the arms or legs. This maybe be uncomfortable or painful. Symptoms like this are more likely to be caused by something other than KS, but could be a sign of the disease.

Your doctor may suspect you have KS just by looking at the skin lesions, but you will need a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. This involves removing a small piece of the lesion with a scalpel or a needle, then looking at the sample under a microscope. If your doctor thinks you have KS inside your body, other tests will be needed. For example, you would need an endoscopy or bronchoscopy if your doctor thinks you may have KS in the digestive system or lungs. These involve inserting a thin tube with a camera at the end through the mouth, nose or a small cut in the skin.

HIV Treatment Works Resources

An X-ray or CT scan might also be needed. Blood tests will also be needed, to measure the amounts of certain types of cells and chemicals in your blood. HIV treatment strengthens the immune system, protects against KS, slows down KS disease progression and prolongs survival. For many people with KS, this is the only treatment they need. This is particularly the case if your CD4 count is over and the KS lesions are limited to the skin and lymph nodes. Over a period of several months, the lesions should gradually shrink, fade and disappear. Localised treatment can also be used, primarily to enhance physical appearance.

A drug called vinblastine can be injected directly into the lesions. Radiotherapy using high-energy X-rays to destroy cancer cells is an alternative technique.

These techniques cannot affect the development of lesions in untreated areas or be used to treat large areas. Chemotherapy may be recommended if you have KS that is likely to develop rapidly for example, when there are many lesions ; when there are lesions in the lungs, stomach, bowel or mouth; or when KS is causing swelling in the affected area.