The Man With No Past, The Entire Series (Contemporary Western)

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This is, I believe, the first civilization, so far, in which the aged have not had a place, as a matter of course, in their adult children's homes.

Looking at this Western callousness with deWesternized eyes, I find it shocking. It has made a fine art out of taking advantage of human silliness. It rams unwanted material goods down surfeited throats when twothirds of all human beings now alive are in desperate need of the bare necessities of life. This is an ugly aspect of the affluent society; and, if I am told that advertising is the price of affluence, I reply, without hesitation, that affluence has been bought too dear.

This is, in itself, a deplorable impoverishment of the material side of human culture, and it brings spiritual standardization with it, which is still worse.

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You may tell me that this was against nature; but to be human consists precisely in transcending nature — in overcoming the biological limitations that we have inherited from our prehuman ancestors. ALL human societies overcome death by creating and maintaining, institutions that are handed on from one generation to another.

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By postponing the age of sexual awakening, it prolonged the length of the period of education. Our irrational contemporary Western impatience and our blind adulation of speed for speed's sake are making havoc, today, of the education of our children. We force their growth as if they were chicks in a pullet factory. We drive them into a premature awareness of sex even before physical puberty has overtaken them. In fact, we deprive our children of the human right of having a childhood.

The 11 Best Modern Westerns

OUR whole present policy in the upbringing of the young is paradoxical. While we are lowering the age of sexual awareness — and frequently the age of sexual experience, too — to a veritably Hindu degree, we are at the same time prolonging the length of education. We are proud of ourselves for providing secondary education, college education, postgraduate education for everybody. But we shall be plowing the sands if we do not simultaneously revert to our grandparents' practice of prolonging the age of sexual innocence.

If we persist, in this vital matter, on our present Hindu course, our brand new wouldbe institutions for higher education will become, in practice, little more than social clubs for sexual mating. THIS relapse into precocious sexuality is one of the moral blemishes of the contemporary Western civilization. One of its intellectual blemishes is its insistence on splitting up the universe into smaller and smaller splinters.

It has split up the human race into a host of sovereign independent national states. When I was about 16 years old, I stayed with an uncle who was a specialist on Dante, while his wife was a specialist on Horace Walpole. Their library was less specialized than they themselves were, and I browsed in it with excitement and delight. You ought to specialize. What a world to find oneself born into.

What We Can Learn from Japanese Management

Since as early as I first became conscious of my native Western environment, Western technology has been inventing new and ever more complicated machines. I did learn to ride a bicycle. How can one be expleted, in just one lifetime, to go on to learn to ride a motorcycle or to drive a car? I started shaving in the age of the cutthroat razor, and Mr.

Gillette's invention came as a great relief to me. But how can I be expected to go on to use an electric razor? How could I know about volts and ohms and transformers? An American friend did give me an electric razor. This lies safely tucked away in a drawer, and whenever I unearth it, it alarms me. I DO now travel about the world in ears and airplanes. The better these get at covering the distance, the worse they get at allowing an inquisitive passenger to see the view. I did my first traveling in Greece in — I did it on foot with a rucksack on my back. I was as free as a bird.

I could go where even mules could not go. I could see the world as I pleased. I have never traveled so satisfactorily as that since then. Once again I was seeing the real world, the unmechanized preWestern world in which I feel truly at home. Machinery perplexes and dismays me, and I have been born into the Western machine age. I should not then have been harassed by machinery as I am in the contemporary West.

I heartily dislike this side of contemporary Western life, and, in the eyes of the rest of the world, mechanization is what the coptemporg,ry, West stands for. But, as I have said at the beginning of this article, my dislike is not undiluted. My grandchildren, after all, are Westerners, and I certainly like them. Moreover, I want them, in their turn, to have grandchildren who will have grandchildren.

I should be desolated if I believed that Western man was going to commit. To discover the existence of the atom and to go on to discover how to split it has been the chef d'oeuvre of Western science and technology. I do not love Western science for having made these deadly inventions; but I have just enough faith in Western man's political commonsense to expect that he will not liquidate himself. Annie Kincaid's a wild horse advocate. Ryan Hansen's a rodeo cowboy. The fact that Annie's father hired Ryan doesn't sit well with Annie. She's had her fill of hot-shot cowboys who think life's all about busting, breaking or bulldogging, and of all the Hansen boys from the Dancing Moon Ranch, Ryan's the cockiest of the bunch.

A brief history of Western culture

Ryan also has a lot to learn about managing Annie. In the past he had no problem attracting women, but now he wants the one woman who'll take special handling. But in the process, Annie also learns something about Ryan she never could have imagined, something that has her taking a second look. And the last person Genie wants to become entangled with romantically or otherwise is a rodeo clown. Odds are he'll get busted up again. She's also legal guardian of her 4-year-old sister, and a man who dances around with bulls for a living will never be a candidate for step-father.

The problem is, all logic seems to fail whenever they're around each other. But when he meets Billy Bree Fitzsimmons, his perfect mate, a woman whose passion for raising bucking bulls matches his passion for riding them, Jeremy also finds himself drawn into circumstances in which cutting the ties takes on a whole new meaning when he's forced to choose between his family, and the woman he loves and never seeing his family again. All his life he's had a curiosity about the human-like sounds in the mountain, and he's determined to learn the cause.

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Rose Starbright, a tribal member who works at the living museum at the ranch, also has two passions: weaving baskets, and documenting and preserving sacred sites, Whispering Springs being one of them. As legend goes, when a person sits immersed in the pool and listens to the voices, that person is cleansed of evil spirits. Tyler has his own theory about the voices and it has to do with trapped geysers, not spirits, so when he starts opening fissures Rose warns him to stop, that silencing the voices could have dire consequences. But Tyler doesn't believe in spirits, only science, so he continues his crusade.

And then one day, the mountain is silent. And that's when Tyler's troubles truly begin. Buy Now. Create a disappearing-horse act he can carry out on stage and he'll get his own show. The problem is, Dimitri's never been around horses, so he hires Maddy Hansen to teach him the basics, mainly because he sees in her his perfect stage assistant What Dimitri doesn't count on is falling in love with a woman, and a way of life, that until then had escaped him.

His transformation from showman to cowboy also has Maddy taking a second look. Yet, Las Vegas is where his future lies and he doesn't know how to reconcile that.

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  6. Deputy Marshal who came to her aid and then was trapped with her. She'd never gotten his last name, but even after two decades, the memory of his voice and the feel of his arm around her in the pitch blackness of the rubble is still clear.

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    And then one day he walks back into her life. When Mario Moretti escorts Jeremy and Billy Hansen back to the Dancing Moon Ranch as the first step in phasing them out of Witness Protection, he's stunned to find there the woman who'd haunted his memory for years.

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    But as in the past, there's no place in his life for a wife, and nothing has changed, not even the loneliness. I makes writing all that much more enjoyable.