Top Gear: Daft Cars (TopGear)

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Between this and the LR Pretender, it seems to be the year of bogus car-related Technic licenses. This came like years too late. The show just isn't the same now. And I'm still a fan today. There are even French and American versions, but my favorite still is the original English one. None can reach and match the humour and English point of view of the famous trio And the Stig! In a few words, I really enjoy watching old broadcastd of Top Gear, the original one. And I am now so curious and excited to discover what it will be like in Lego set form.

Stolen Child

Whatever it is, it will be "Ambitious but rubbish" and have a Stig mini-fig, just as it should be in the usual Top Gear fine form. Back in the day when TopGear was presented by the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, who became the driving force behind the show, the entire format, the sort of humour they brought along, and the entire reason the show became as popular as it did internationally, I would have tipped my hat to TLG and thought 'wonderful idea to team up'.

Also why does TLG need this license for something they have already been doing on their own successfully for such a long time?! TLG makes outstanding Technic sets of cars etc.

Partnering up with the BBC is a horrible idea! Looking forward to seeing what they have come up with. This probably wasn't an option back when TG was a show about one bloke bullying his co-hosts while the audience pretend not to be a bit tired of the out of date predictable 'humour'. It is probably safe enough now for Lego to tie up although I am not sure what the point is.

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I would've thought that anything Top Gear related would've shunted neatly into Speed Champions, but I guess it makes sense if they're using more Technic styles. Lego planned on this licence back in , but we only got the keychain. It's weird to be getting an official set 8 years after the partnership was supposedly canceled. Wasn't something teased about this a long time ago? Honestly, I'm not all that interested.

Getaway Cars - Top Gear - BBC

One, Lego as with a lot of the licenses as of late waited a bit too late. The branding would have worked well with what would become Speed Champions. But I'm not too sure about this set. In , when climate change is everywhere, a BBC partnership would have made much more sense with involving Sir David Attenborough. A Creator line with buildable iconic and interesting animals close to extinction, with educational value added to the set and booklet.

Or a City line which is park guards vs poachers. I probably read about it right here on Brickset.

No host, no hope: is it time for Top Gear to be sent to the scrapheap?

My young sons and I had never seen the show but we started watching it after that and they loved it and all the Grand Tour episodes that followed. That was years ago, as several people above have pointed out. The show is good. Lego is great. Lego sets of the show I am thinking no.

Manual Top Gear: Daft Cars (TopGear)

I would maybe grab The Stig minifigure, but I doubt any of these sets will make it to my collection. Why, where is point? I love all the posts on here that think Top Gear only began with Clarkson and his cronies and their 'witty banter'. Its funny watching drunk communists attempt to do licensing deals. Get a clue. They also came with a Stig Fig Hmmmm, curious, if its just a generic technic car Power functions or not that would be cheaper without an IP license then that would be pure profiteering.

I only have one thing to say on the subject. Top Gear is dead, long live The Grand Tour! Lego has gone a long way regarding licensed sets. And thus a long way into the completely wrong direction. I feel dirty didn't realise I was surrounded by so many top gear fans or Clarkson fans Even though the version of the show with the trio was insanely popular both at home and abroad, I never could see the appeal. May is tolerable for short periods on his own shows but the other two But now they're gone the show is all but dead.

So what's the point TLG? But who knows a good set may come out of it, stranger things have happened. Let's see what we get. PS Someone mentioned a Noel Edmonds minifig, that would be quality, think of the "tidy beard" printed face! I suspect this will be a one and done set similar to Ideas Doctor Who.

No need to get all bent out of shape over it. If Lego put out a set that did a good homage to the real Top Gear team and not the worthless programme that came after the trio left, I'd be interested in it. Clarkson, Hammond, and May minifigs in a studio with the demolished Hilux, the lap times leaderboard, and other popular bits would be pretty swell. Especially if the Hammond minifig used the toddler legs that don't bend, to make him shorter than the other two lol ;. Due to www. The RRP is Unfortunately there is no official picture material yet. However, we can tell you that this is a white sports rally coupe with some stickers including one with "The Stig" and the UK flag and lots of headlights at the front.

Top Gear: Daft Cars

Some say that LEGO licensed sets are overpriced and that they are unnecessary too. All we know is I'm out. Plus, Top Gear after the "holy trinity" is just cringeworthy boring BS that doesn't even deserve the name. The Hammerhead Eagle I-Thrust. I so want it to be the Hammerhead Eagle I-Thrust I think that was the funniest show ever in TV. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

By dmcc0 in United Kingdom, 30 Sep By kfr in Sweden, 30 Sep By Pekingduckman in Australia, 30 Sep By Tootles in United Kingdom, 30 Sep By Resistian in Australia, 30 Sep By Mica86 in United Kingdom, 30 Sep By AustinPowers in Germany, 30 Sep By wiggy in United Kingdom, 30 Sep By Cindipool in United Kingdom, 30 Sep I hope we get some of the conversions Top Gear have done, like the Toyboata. From flying cars to amphibious vehicles, solar-powered saloons to rockets on wheels, these are over 50 of the most wacky cars ever devised. Fancy a car that drives sideways?

Try the Jeep Hurricane. Or maybe a car in which the windows change colour according to your mood for a more serene and health-giving driving experience?

The Awesome 2some : BMW X2 xDrive20d Driven [review]

That'll be the Toyota RiN. And if you like a flutter, you'll need the Chrysler Town and Country Black Jack, which contains a mini onboard casino. Some concept cars are designed to demonstrate alternative materials and energy sources, or to showcase the gadgets of the future, or even cater for specific lifestyles or groups of people.

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